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Charlie Sheen NicoSheen Electronic Cigarette

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Thats right… NicoSheen electronic cigarette by Charlie Sheen. Is anyone as annoyed with Charlie Sheen as much as I am? Charlie Sheen recently informed TMZ that he is going to be launching his own electronic cigarette company that he will be calling NicoSheen. Goodness, can this guy be anymore full of himself? NicoSheen by Charlie Sheen…. Really? Apparently, he even has some other celebrities as partners willing to back a ridiculous electronic cigarette like this such as former baseball player, Lenny Dykstra. Charlie Sheen already has several other products he endorses such as, comic books, an energy drink, shirts, and mugs just to name a few.

We at Ecigsavings are not looking forward to this product as it will more than likely affect the electronic cigarette market in a negative manner. Typically companies that start up like this in more of a publicity attempt tend to try and get the products produced in the least expensive way possible cutting several corners in the process however this is just our opinion derived from other markets out today and really hope that the NicoSheen electronic cigarette doesn’t end up being garbage and hurting the market by scaring away new customers from e-cigs.

Bottom line we hope that we are wrong but we think that it is a horrible idea for Charlie Sheen to start this NicoSheen electronic cigarette company. It’s apparent his ideas have not been the best lately with all the recent coverage regarding the Charlie Sheen rants where he has actually been getting booed off stage. NicoSheen e-cigs will hopefully never come to pass however if they do we hope that Charlie Sheen has enough sense to at least make sure they are well made and not do something stupid to hurt the industry. SmokeStik and Firebrand are good companies to use as an example.


Charlie Sheen NicoSheen Electronic CigaretteunratedEcigsavings2011-05-03 11:48:03

Donald Kravitz/Getty Images

Thats right… NicoSheen electronic ci…

Charlie Sheen NicoSheen Electronic Cigarette

Donald Kravitz/Getty Images

Thats right… NicoSheen electronic ci…

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  6 Responses to “Charlie Sheen NicoSheen Electronic Cigarette”

  1. That’s interesting you would mention in the end of the post about Smokestik being a quality ecig, because that is exactly the company partnered with to make his brand.

    And no, M0rphin, Supersmoker was not the world’s first electronic cigarette. It was invented by Hon Lik in China in 2003 and produced by Runyan (meaning ‘like smoke’).

    Seems you have some misinformation on this site

    • first of Bradley your completely incorrect in smokestik being partnered with Nicosheen. I happen to be a very good acquaintance of the CEO of SmokeStik and talk to him regularly about new electronic cigarette stuff happening sometimes for several hours. You should probably check your facts prior to discrediting someone else.

      Smoke Stik sent Charlie Sheen an electronic cigarette to use in hopes that he would promote it if he liked it and he liked it so much he decided to start his own line.He is not “partnered” with smokestik that is 100% false.

      And the comments left by M0rfin is not one of the site authors which is why its called a COMMENT meaning it was left by another person that is not part of this site.

      • I realize M0rphin isn’t affiliate with your site, and I should have made that distinction. My apologies for that.

        The company that first approached Charlie and ‘switched him over’ was Smokeless Delite, and they confirmed that months ago (unless they were only seeking free publicity, of course). How he could like them is beyond me, but given his current condition I guess it isn’t so hard to believe. 😀

        I run an ecigs site, myself, that is more centered on news, laws and regulations, info, etc., so I try to keep up on things as much as possible.

        If Smokestik ISN’T partnered with Charlie, then you may want to inform your friend to start looking around the internet, because a LOT of places have been reporting so. If it turns out to be a ‘cheapie’, this could reflect very badly on their product.

        And btw, I do happen to agree with you that Smokestik is one of the better ecigs out there.

        Also, I’m sending you a quick email about something, just so you know.

        • I will check it out but I was the one who first informed the CEO of SmokeStik about Charlie Sheen’s decision to start an electronic cigarette line called nicosheen a week after it was announced and he had no clue about it. He laughed in surprise actually.

          Smoke Stik was the one who gave Charlie sheen the ecig as you can read this information not only on reputable news websites but even on the smoke stik website itself. It certainly wasn’t smokeless delight and would be interested to see what your sources are for that. With news its all about sources and news of a company is best derived by the company itself.

          I will check out the email.

  2. Well at least it will help spread the word about e-cigarettes. I just hope no one buys one of his…..Why?

  3. Supersmoker was the world first electronic cigarette! Now these guyz think they can make a change? yeah right

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