May 192010

Rita Lee shows us some of her customized e-liquid flavoring ideas. We are still waiting to see someone comes out with a bacon flavored! :)

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  10 Responses to “Custom E-Liquid Flavor Ideas”

  1. I’ve tried the beer flavor from vapor4life. It’s not the same. The lauger was kind of a mix between 555 and beer.

    • I will keep a look out for some labeled that way. I just checked the one source I thought may have it and it appears they are shutting down their site. It may not be long before we can no longer get flavored e-liquid because of the FDA stepping in. Since it is now considered a tobacco product they may enforce the flavored tobacco ban like they did with regular cigarettes. I hope this never comes into effect but at this point no one knows just what will happen. Only time will tell I suppose.

  2. I have searched everywhere for the lauger flavor that I loved. Does anyone know where I can find it?

  3. vapeheads (dot) net, carry bacon flavor e-liquid

  4. This is great I cant wait to make my own eliquid! I am going to try and make a beer flavored haha

  5. Oh sweet! I am going to make some bacon flavored ejuice just for you guys sharing lol! I will let you know when i get a recipe together :)

  6. Your site is such a great resource! It seems like everytime I come back to this site there is something new up! I didnt even know I could make my own flavored nicotine e-liquid. Everything on this site is so straight forward and not complicated to get to at all. I love my Totally Wicked electronic cigarette and this video is perfect for me. Thank you guys for all your hard work and please keep these updates coming you doing a great job!

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