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Comments are moderated and edited for slander and SPAM. Another example and common complaint is regarding shipping and re-bill subscription charges that may occur through certain merchants. We only post these type of comments when we see a misleading sales page. We cannot post slanderous comments from upset users who forgot to read the terms of what they purchased. In short, if a website says a item is on backorder up front and in plain view and that it will take 6 weeks for delivery and you want to post a comment saying that they are a terrible company because its been 3 weeks and you still haven’t gotten your product we will in fact remove these comments, however, we are a extremely honest review site so if the site makes it difficult to see this information or they say its 5 to 7 days and it takes you 3 weeks to get it we are all for you posting that comment and actually promote you to do so. We got into this site to inform the public with honest bound information and we will not let companies take advantage of people do not feel like you cant post negative comments we only ask that you verify that your comments are justified.


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* This website is not affiliated or endorsed in any way with CNN, ABC, WINK Ne…http://www.ecigsavings.com/terms-of-service/



* This website is not affiliated or endorsed in any way with CNN, ABC, WINK Ne…

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