Jun 192011


Ok vapers, its official… News anchors from the Associated Press, a well known news source, can’t do math. In this little news clip the news reporter actually says that electronic cigarettes cost more than tobacco cigarettes. This can only lead to one conclusion. The guy does not own a calculator and has failed at simple math. Lets look at the numbers…

A traditional pack of tobacco cigarettes in my city Jacksonville, Florida is well over 5$ a pack but to keep the math simple for the new reporters at associated press we will round down to 5. Being in the southern states this is the low end of the scale for cost of cigarettes as well. The average person who smokes will smoke close to a pack of cigarettes a day. Over a years time a typical smoker in Jacksonville will spend more than $1825. Now lets look at how much someone would spend using an electronic cigarette. The typical starter kit for a premium e-cig is about 100$ then the cost refill cartridges or refilling your own which is even cheaper is around 2$ a day. Factor in some 10$ battery replacements a couple times a year and I came to $930 and added a 100$ on top just for variances and we come to HALF the cost of tobacco cigarettes and that is compared to one of the cheaper states. In the northern states tobacco cigarettes cost more than 10$ a pack which would make electronic cigarettes only a 4th of the cost!

Now using the math above can someone please explain to me why the associated press would release a story that is incredibly false since anyone with simple math skills can easily see that electronic cigarettes are way cheaper than tobacco cigarettes? My 10 year old niece can do the math required to prove this story wrong. These things seriously disturb me. “Hey associated press… The above paragraph is what we call research! How about we do some before we just say whatever we want huh?”

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Jun 192011


The debate of whether or not electronic cigarettes are a suitable candidate of helping smokers over come their addiction to tobacco carries on. The FDA says that there is not enough data to show whether or not electronic cigarettes are better for you than regular cigarettes and that the toxicity levels of the chemicals in a electronic cigarette are unknown. However, if the FDA even did come out and say they were safe (which will never happen) would anyone even believe them? After all these are the same people that said rbGH in our milk, which is a chemical used to cause cows to produce more milk and increase profits, was safe yet now we find out it causes cancer and is severely bad for you.

Apr 052011

Whoopi Goldberg on “The View” discussing how everyone should leave smokers alone. Smoking has become a pathetic dance between smokers and non-smokers as to where someone can smoke. Its extremely sad that a smoker cant even smoke in their own home when they have non-smoker company without being hounded by them. Lets not forget about the cigarette tax issue. Prices of cigarettes have gone through the roof and can only imagine that this will eventually filter over to electronic cigarettes as well. We at Ecigsavings are behind you on this Woopi! The crazy tyranny our country is now facing is just far to much and we too want to put a end to it!

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Sep 282010

smokestik-electronic-cigarette-logokatherine heigle smoke stick e-cig on late showKatherine Heigl recently became a mother and therefore wants to stop smoking cigarettes and live a healthier life. Last night on the Late Show with David Letterman Katherine talked about how hard it was for her to quit smoking and that she started in her early 20’s.

Last year Katherine Heigl adopted a one year old from South Korea and since tried every quit smoking program she can find in order for her to kick the habit. She tried patches, chewing gum, and even Chantex two different times which is surprising as I personally have tried that too and was impressed with it.

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Then Katherine Heigl showed the world her new quit smoking aid which was the infamous Smoke Stick electronic cigarette. She was using the very same Smoke Stick (Smoke Stik)  Hendu Elite e-cig that you can find as our top provider on this very site. Katherine Heigl, on The Late Show, went on to explain how it worked and that the Smoke Stick allows her to get the nicotine in her body without all the harmful negative effects for her and the people around her. Click here to Read the Smoke Stick E-Cig Review.

“You blow out water vapor so you’re not harming anyone around you and you’re not harming yourself,” Katherine said. “I’m essentially humidifying the space.”

Smoke Stick (Smoke Stik) has become our most popular electronic cigarette on this website and we are glad to see people like Katherine on the Late Show with David Letterman really enjoying it. We hope to see a lot more people switch to the Smoke Stick electronic cigarette (e-cig) and join the rest of us with healthier smoking.

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Sep 142010




Doctor David Baron Chief of Staff UCLA Santa Monica talks about how the electronic cigarette is a safer choice over tobacco cigarettes. Doctor Baron explains why they are ok to smoke in public places and why the ecig water vapor is harmless to others. Another Doctor approves the electronic cigarette and yet they are not widely accepted by the FDA and the government. Doctor Baron describes how electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) work and why they are harmless to your body and can be used as a permanent replacement for smoking even if you do not intend to quick smoking.

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Sep 142010


The Doctors Show is very popular in America. Many Americans watch that show to learn how to get healthy and stay healthy. The Doctors approved electronic cigarette use over smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. Watch as four doctors put the e-cig to the test and learn that using the electronic cigarette can help you quit smoking. They do not recommend non-smokers use e-cigs just to use them and we agree with that message here at Ecigsavings. However if you are a smoker and want a healthy alternative to tobacco cigarettes, The Doctors approve using e-cigs!

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Jun 212010

The American Heart and Lung Association wants to get each US state to ban the electronic cigarette one by one. We as electronic cigarette smokers cannot let this happen. We highly recommend you watch this video about the electronic cigarette bans and take the actions that is suggests. We do not believe that these electronic cigarette bans will fully go through and that they will get denied but only time will tell. Please do your part and help us keep the electronic cigarette around for our enjoyment. This is a very good video on the electronic cigarette bans so please take a few minutes and check it out.