May 282010

This method of refilling your electronic cigarette with eliquid is by far our most favorite. We find that using blue foam as filters for eliquid in our cartridges allows for much better flavor then the other methods used to fill your electronic cigarette cartridge with eliquid and also is much quicker to setup. There are several ways that you can use the blue foam and this video demonstrates the top two. The blue foam shown in this video can be found at stores like pets mart in the aquarium section. The name of the blue foam he is using is Marine Land produce by company Rite-Size U.

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May 252010


When I first starting smoking electronic cigarettes this is the very same video I used to learn how to refill my cartridges using polyfil that can be purchased at places like walmart in the crafts center. Its a very cheap option youll get a huge bag that will probably last you a life time for only $3.00. This video is very informative and lays out the steps very easily!

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May 252010


Watch Green Grim give us detailed visual instructions on how you use a simple household tea bag and to refill your electronic cigarette cartridge. This method i found to work incredibly well however it does hold a bit more liquid then your normal filters so when you go to change it you may find there is still alot of nicotine e-liquid still left in the cart. This method can work for all refillable electronic cigarettes.

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May 182010

Refill those pesky electronic cigarette cartridges with nicotine e-lquid the easy way using a syringe you can get from most local pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS.

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