Sep 072010

Wendy Williams electronic cigarette birthday gift to presidentYesterday on August 4th, 2010, it was president Obama’s birthday! As some of you may already know, President Obama happens to smoke cigarettes. Even the President of our United States battles with addiction from nicotine on a day to day basis. If you have already tried electronic cigarettes then you would agree that an ecig could be beneficial to our President.

On the Wendy Williams Show yesterday, Wendy Williams put together a gift basket for President Obama for his 49th birthday. The basket had many different items but the best was saved for last. Wendy Williams got President Obama an electronic cigarette from SmokeStik. That’s right! The very same SmokeStik ecig that has became so popular on this site and is already used by tons of celebrities is now being given as a birthday gift to our nations President! If that doesn’t convince you how big electronic cigarettes are becoming then we don’t know what will. The Hendu Elite was the electronic cigarette model of SmokeStik that was given by Wendy Williams to Present Obama and was described by Wendy as “high class electronic cigarettes.” Check out our SmokeStik Electronic Cigarette Review and see why SmokeStik e-cig was chosen out of all the others to be presented to our President of the United States, President Obama.

Clip of Wendy Williams Show giving President Obama a Smoke Stik electronic cigarette for his 49th birthday.


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Sep 072010


The Electronic Cigarette Association President, Matt Salmon, addresses the nation with his view on the highly innovative product the electronic cigarette. This video has some great facts regarding the use of the electronic cigarette and how it can possibly the answer of overcoming the worlds addiction to tobacco cigarettes.

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Jun 092010


The FDA took a stand against the electronic cigarette and spoke out against the use of them. The Electronic Cigarette Association President was not please and responded to the FDA claims in this video.

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