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This review is currently being updated. You will notice part of the way through the information is incomplete and then is old. Please bare with us as Firebrand has had many changes since our last review.

firebrand electronic cigarette reviewThe Firebrand electronic cigarette is one of the best e-cigs we have ever had the pleasure of trying with many different options to choose from to suite any vaper. They have been around now for quite a few years in the United States that have quickly grabbed our attention back when they hit the market. Normally we are contacted by particular manufactures asking us to test out their products and post a review about what we think; however there were many little whispers about an electronic cigarette company known as Firebrand formerly known as Brand Diablo but changed due to a trademark conflict. In a effort to be one of the first electronic cigarette review websites to write a Firebrand electronic cigarette review we went to check out their site and we were astonished by their low prices and great deals that they have for their e-cigs which have only gotten better over time. The Firebrand branding was is quite impressive as well. The electronic cigarette atomizers have flames on them and the batteries have wings that make the electronic cigarette pretty awesome looking.

Firebrand electronic cigarettes have 6 different starter kits to choose from all with their own style and benefits/features which consists of 4 different models. The different models you can find at Firebrand are the iTaste SVD, iTaste MVP, Titanium Falcon aka The Godfather, and The Diablo Falcon. Both the Firebrand Titanium Falcon and Diablo Falcon are pretty much the same in regards their styles, and options of tanks, atomizers and cartomizers however their battery capacity and color are different. The Firebrand Titanium electronic cigarette is a stainless steel color with a charge capacity of 900 mah while the Firebrand Diablo Falcon electronic cigarette is a mystic blank color and is 650 mah. What does the Mah mean when it comes to the electronic cigarette batteries? Well lets put it in perspective… The smaller cigarette style ecigs have anywhere between 150 mah to 280 mah generally speaking which means based on the 150 mah that the Diablo Falcon has the equivalent of over 4 standard size batteries and the Titanium Falcon has 6 times the amount of charge the standard cigarette batteries can hold which makes a huge difference in how long the battery will last before needing another charge. With that explained lets get into the actual reviews of the different options Firebrand has to offer.

FireBrand Electronic Cigarette review

Firebrand Electronic Cigarette Review

Firebrand iTaste SVDLets start with the Firebrand iTaste SVD starting at $59.99 and I say starting at because you will need to add some things to this price in order to make it work. This electronic cigarette is not for the beginner unless you are a fast learner as it has a ton of capabilities and options which can be confusing and overwhelming to a new vaper however once its mastered its hands down one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market today which almost all veteran electronic cigarette vapers would agree with. This bad boy can read the ohms of your electronic cigarette atomizer, it has variable voltage and wattage to find that sweet spot to vape at which we will explain more of later, and can even tell you how many volts your battery has left in it so that you know when it needs to be charged. The $59.99 only gets you the actual aluminium casing for the iTaste SVD which actually is a great deal as most other places charge double that for the same exact thing but on its own it cannot function because it doesn’t even have a battery built into it. The batteries for this ecig work a little different and have been used in tons of different devices like flash lights, tools, and much more. On the Firebrand iTaste SVD starter kit page you will see a ton of different options and in this Firebrand electronic cigarette review we will explain just what you need and what are optional. The first option you see is the charger, now obviously we need a charger so you should pick one of those up which add $12.99. Next is adding a battery which we have to have as well, refer to the previous paragraph regarding the differences in mah to make your selection

Firebrand Hellfire Electronic Cigarette Starter KitWe ordered the Firebrand Hellfire Phoenix Millennium Deluxe Starter Kit ($69.99) and were very excited to try it. The Firebrand e-cigs arrived in only 3 days time! In the package there were 2 manual batteries (also available in automatic and/or mega for increased battery life), 3 hellfire atomizers, 1 USA Wall Charger, and several cartridges. We also got a 10ml bottle of every flavor e-liquid they had to offer which were Tobacco, Cherry Bomb, Karova Koffee, Menthol, Cola, Vanilla, and Banana. There were ample instructions in the kit on how to get started on vaping the electronic cigarette such as getting the atomizer ready, cleaning it, etc. After unpacking the contents of the Firebrand Hellfire Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit we immediate screwed on an atomizer and put a prefilled cartridge on and tested it out. The Firebrand e-cig was the absolutely amazing! The vapor production, throat hit, and flavor were among the best qualities we have ever tried! The Hellfire atomizer is the highest quality atomizer we have ever used and the batteries took forever to die and we didn’t even order the MEGA batteries. Firebrand is now our favorite refillable electronic cigarette on the market.

Firebrand Diablo Falcon Electronic Cigarette Starter KitThe newly release Firebrand Diablo Falcon electronic cigarette starter kit is an incredible new starter kit in the Firebrand lineup. This beast of an electronic cigarette has a incredible battery life behind it. Featuring a 650 mah Firebrand electronic cigarette this battery has the capacity of close to 5 fully charged standard e-cig batteries eliminating the worries of being without a charged battery. On top of it the Firebrand Diablo Falcon electronic cigarette starter kit actually provides you with 2 of these incredibly awesome electronic cigarette batteries and 2 incredibly powerful atomizers that even outperform the Firebrand Hellfire atomizer due to the increased power behind it! Lastly not only is this electronic cigarette a incredibly powerful and great device its only $84.99 before coupon code discount which is less that many other electronic cigarette standard kits on the market! Firebrand electronic cigarettes is quickly stealing the show for vapors around the world.

Firebrand Firebolt Disposable Electronic Cigarette

The also newly released Firebrand Firebolt Disposable electronic cigarette is most certainly something that could change the electronic cigarette industry forever. The Firebolt Disposable electronic cigarette claims to hold the power of a full fledged electronic cigarette in a low cost disposable manner. We have tried many disposable e-cigs in the past on this site and not one of them have been worth the package they come in. Most disposable electronic cigarettes have a nasty harsh taste and just don’t live up to the claims so when we saw the release of a disposable e-cig from Firebrand we had to give it a try. Ladies and gentlemen we have a serious game changer here. The Firebrand Firebolt disposable electronic cigarette is hands down the most incredible disposable e-cig to ever hit the market. This thing has potential to be in every store in America. This disposable electronic cigarette actually comes with a USB charger which is unheard of for any disposable on the market. The vapor production was extremely close to their standard electronic cigarette power so close you wouldn’t know it was a disposable electronic cigarette unless you were told it was. The kit comes with 3 atomized cartridges and a rechargeable battery that last 3 to 5 charges but ours was able to charge way more than that during our testing. The only suggestion we have to you as the vapor is when you think one of your cartridge it out because its no longer producing vapor, charge the battery first even if the led light is still coming on. We found during our testing of the Firebolt disposable cigarette that even when the battery was to weak to handle the cartridge the led light would still come on giving a indication it has charge left. Other than that it was absolutely outstanding and recommend it to everyone looking to try electronic cigarettes but don’t want to pay starter kit prices.

FireBrand Electronic Cigarette review
Firebrand E-LiquidThe Firebrand electronic cigarette e-liquid flavors were also the highest quality e-cigarette liquid we have ever tested. Their flavors were so incredibly smooth and had such robust flavors that literally make your taste buds dance. Firebrand ecigs offer 2 types of e-liquid which are VG and PG. The difference is just the mixture that is used with the nicotine to create the e-liquid. We fully 100% recommend the VG e-liquid as it gives a much higher amount of vapor production and tastier flavors. We have never been a fan of PG fluids but there are people out there that swear by it. Basically, most of the electronic cigarette brands out there use the VG fluid and is preferred by the majority of the e-cig community so we recommend going with that.


Bottom line Firebrand electronic cigarette is now our favorite refillable e-cig on the market. The Hellfire atomizer is so well made and produced such prefect vapor and throat hits that our entire crew that use a refillable electronic cigarette are all changing over to a Firebrand e-cig. Firebrand electronic cigarettes have spectacular prices, an extremely well made product, and the nicest customer service we have ever had the pleasure of dealing with in the entire existence of this website. Even if you already have an electronic cigarette that you are happy with you still should try the Firebrand electronic cigarette as it will seriously blow your mind! 5 thumbs up go out to Firebrand for their outstanding electronic cigarette and we look forward to seeing just how big they become!

If after reading this you would rather use an electronic cigarette where you buy cartridges rather than filling your own then check out WetFlame as they have the best cartomizer electronic cigarettes on the market based on our testing and reader responses.

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