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We at Ecigsavings would like to thank all of our international readers and we hope to add even more international electronic cigarette reviews over time. These international electronic cigarette reviews are for electronic cigarette smokers outside of the United States looking for a company to order from.


Sky Electronic Cigarette Review UK-Only

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Sky Electronic Cigarettes are intended for United Kingdom residents ONLY! If you are in the United States please check our other e-cigarette reviews.

Sky electronic cigarette reviewSky electronic cigarette is an exclusive a United Kingdom e-cig provider. All of the prices you encounter in this Sky electronic cigarette review are in British Pounds so if you live in America please check out some of the other reviews on this website. This Sky review is intended for our international readers ONLY. Sky e-cigs reached out to us and asked if we would review their electronic cigarettes and since we have quite a bit of international readers so we thought it was only fair to add an international electronic cigarette section to our electronic cigarette reviews.


Sky electronic cigarette features a single starter kit priced at 39.99 British Pounds. The kit includes;

  • SKY Cig Sleek Carry Case – Holds five electronic cigarette refill cartridges and batteriessky electronic cigarette starter kit review
  • 2 Electronic Cigarette Batteries
  • 2 Liquid Atomizers
  • 2 Electronic Cigarette Battery Chargers (1 Wall & 1 USB)
  • SKY Cig Smokeless Cigarette Travel Case
  • 15 electronic cigarette cartridges.
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 1 year limited warranty.

Sky Electronic Cigarette Review

Sky Electronic Cigarette Review

Sky electronic cigarettes sent us our kit for review in the mail and for an international shipment we actually received it quite quickly. We opened it up to see that we had almost a full kit even an international e-cig charger that we could not use here in the United States however the wall charger had a detachable USB cable that allowed us to charge it with no issues. Provided with the Sky electronic cigarette kit was 2 batteries, 1 atomizer, a portable charging case, and a couple packs of cartridges.

The Sky electronic cigarette uses a mini e-cig design. The batteries are very small and therefore hold little charge. I found that I was charging the electronic cigarette batteries out every hour or so. The good news is that they also provide an electronic cigarette portable charger case (PCC kit) with your e-cigarette so you can always have one of the batteries in the charger and the other to use while the other charges. The PCC kit was a bit confusing at first as to how to get your batteries to start charging. With most other electronic cigarette companies you just place your dead battery into the PCC and it would begin to charge automatically but with Sky Cig batteries you will need to screw it in to place then press down the bottom part of the button found on the left side on the outside of the PCC until you see the electronic cigarette battery flicker then it will begin to charge. Those instructions are also provided in the manual that comes in the kit along with pictures to guide you.

The Sky e-cigarette atomizer we were provided seemed to work well throughout all of the cartridges we received. Unfortunately since we only received 10 electronic cigarette cartridges we can’t state how long it would actually work for before needing a replacement but typically those style atomizers will last about 3 to 4 weeks before needing a replacement. The great thing about the Sky e-cig atomizer is the price for atomizers is only 9.99 which is a great price so they can affordable be replaced when needed. They do have a 1 year warranty but that is for defective parts and doesn’t apply to wear and tear issues. This is not a bad thing though as every company that uses atomizers instead of cartomizers are the same way.

Sky Electronic Cigarette ReviewSky electronic cigarette cartridges, we are sad to say, run down very quickly. When we were testing them we were able to burn through close to a entire pack in one day. However, their cartridges have some benefits to them. To start a full carton of 25 cartridges is only 15.99 British Pounds which equals out to about 1 American dollar a piece which is incredibly fair priced for how long they last. Since the Sky electronic cigarette cartridges are so inexpensive it would not break the bank to just purchase many of them at one time so that you always have some on hand. Also if you have a place to get your own e-liquid these are technically refillable. You can purchase some nicotine e-liquid from your desired location and just drip a couple drops into the cartridge to be able to start vaping again. This may save you a few bucks but again since the prices for their cartridges are pretty inexpensive you can just as easily purchase the cartridges.

Bottom line we wouldn’t say the Sky electronic cigarette is the best but they are defiantly worth the prices they charge. We would rate the Sky electronic cigarette as an average e-cig but they are priced much lower than they could be. So with the combined quality vs the price we say Sky electronic cigarettes are most certainly worth a purchase and recommend all of our United Kingdom vapors give them a try!



International Electronic Cigarette ReviewsunratedEcigsavings2011-05-31 11:09:19
We at Ecigsavings would like to thank all of our international readers and we hope to add even more international electronic cigarette reviews over …
International Electronic Cigarette Reviews
We at Ecigsavings would like to thank all of our international readers and we hope to add even more international electronic cigarette reviews over …
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