May 192010

Rita Lee shows us how to make our very own custom e-liquid for electronic cigarettes so we can make our own creative flavors.

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  4 Responses to “Make your own Nicotine E-Liquid”

  1. Do you, or can you provide a list of websites of where to purchase (online) the e-liquid supplies? Maybe just for a basic mixture, something easy to start out with? Thanks 4 the vid!

  2. Now making you’re own eliquid is like the stuff you buy from the store right? Because I don’t want to make this stuff and get cancer from it..

    • Yes its the same process that vendors use to make e-liquid you can purchase on various websites on the net just important to make sure the nicotine you purchase is meant for human consumption if you choose to make your own.

  3. I never knew making the eliquid was so easy. I am going to buy the stuff right now and try to come up with some unique flavors noone has made before.

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