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The electronic cigarette community has grown larger and larger in the past years. There are so many recent electronic cigarette news stories floating around now we felt that we needed a electronic cigarette news stream on our site. Below is a some of the highlighted articles for all the most recent news in regards to electronic cigarettes.

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Charlie Sheen NicoSheen Electronic Cigarette

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Charlie Sheen NicoSheen Electronic Cigarette

Donald Kravitz/Getty Images

Thats right… NicoSheen electronic cigarette by Charlie Sheen. Is anyone as annoyed with Charlie Sheen as much as I am? Charlie Sheen recently informed TMZ that he is going to be launching his own electronic cigarette company that he will be calling NicoSheen. Goodness, can this guy be anymore full of himself? NicoSheen by Charlie Sheen…. Really? Apparently, he even has some other celebrities as partners willing to back a ridiculous electronic cigarette like this such as former baseball player, Lenny Dykstra. Charlie Sheen already has several other products he endorses such as, comic books, an energy drink, shirts, and mugs just to name a few.

We at Ecigsavings are not looking forward to this product as it will more than likely affect the electronic cigarette market in a negative manner. Typically companies that start up like this in more of a publicity attempt tend to try and get the products produced in the least expensive way possible cutting several corners in the process however this is just our opinion derived from other markets out today and really hope that the NicoSheen electronic cigarette doesn’t end up being garbage and hurting the market by scaring away new customers from e-cigs.

Bottom line we hope that we are wrong but we think that it is a horrible idea for Charlie Sheen to start this NicoSheen electronic cigarette company. It’s apparent his ideas have not been the best lately with all the recent coverage regarding the Charlie Sheen rants where he has actually been getting booed off stage. NicoSheen e-cigs will hopefully never come to pass however if they do we hope that Charlie Sheen has enough sense to at least make sure they are well made and not do something stupid to hurt the industry. SmokeStik and Firebrand are good companies to use as an example.


FDA vs E-Cigs

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The Electronic cigarette has been in the news a lot lately, both in good light and in bad light. Both ways, people are talking about the electronic cigarette, and thats what matters. Just by searching ‘electronic cigarette’ on a search engine, you will find a cornucopia of articles and news stories surrounding these groundbreaking devices.

The FDA has issued several warnings to the public, speaking out against the electronic cigarette. The FDA claims that they have done research on certain brands that market the electronic cigarette, in which they found cancer causing carcinogens and other toxins. One thing they did not bother to mention is that the carcinogen that they found are the same toxins that are found in the air you breathe every single day. Seems a bit misleading doesnt it? However, the FDA has not gone as far as Canada in banning the electronic cigarette devices. For now electronic cigarettes are legal and we dont see that changing. The FDA tried to ban several shipments of the electronic cigarettes from reaching the United States and even succeeded a couple times but eventually were told where to stick it and have not tried since.

The electronic cigarettes has been advertised and promoted as a healthier alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes. They contain no tar and none of the other 4000 chemicals found in a single cigarette. The only main ingredient in the electronic cigarette is nicotine. There are different styles of electronic cigarettes on the market, from the pen style to those that are made to strongly mirror a real cigarette. All electronic cigarettes are made up of a rechargeable battery, circuitry, atomizer, and mouthpiece. When a person inhales through the mouthpiece, the atomizer is activated, which then turns the liquid into a vapor. Electronic cigarettes offer varying amounts of nicotine and can even be purchased with no nicotine at all for those trying to quit all together but still feel like they have to be doing something with their hands which is a major advantage for the electronic cigarette.

Another concern of the FDA is that the electronic cigarette will draw the attention of youth. The electronic cigarette is primarily marketed online however many malls actually carry them as well but you will find the price tags to be EXTREMELY higher than you would online. They also fear that the plethora of electronic cigarette flavors would entice young people to give smoking a try and will eventually get them hooked on nicotine. Flavors such as vanilla, cherry, chocolate, bubblegum, and spearmint are offered for the electronic cigarette and although they are extremely yummy they do have a appeal to minors then again how is that any different from a hookah. The concern is that this would entice young people to form a nicotine addiction.

Several electronic cigarette companies have spoken out against the fear that the devices are targeted to young people. They have argued that their product is not in fact marketed to young people in any way, shape, or form. All the electronic cigarette companies only market to 18 and up.

*Food and Drug Administration

We believe that the FDA is overreacting and may even be influenced by the tobacco company since analog cigarettes bring in a great about of income to the government but that is only a theory.

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