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This method of refilling your electronic cigarette with eliquid is by far our most favorite. We find that using blue foam as filters for eliquid in our cartridges allows for much better flavor then the other methods used to fill your electronic cigarette cartridge with eliquid and also is much quicker to setup. There are several ways that you can use the blue foam and this video demonstrates the top two. The blue foam shown in this video can be found at stores like pets mart in the aquarium section. The name of the blue foam he is using is Marine Land produce by company Rite-Size U.

How to Refill your Electronic Cigarette Using Blue FoamunratedEcigsavings2010-06-08 11:41:56httpv://
This method of refilling your electronic cigarette with eliquid is by far our most favorite. We find tha…
How to Refill your Electronic Cigarette Using Blue Foamhttpv://
This method of refilling your electronic cigarette with eliquid is by far our most favorite. We find tha…
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  1. I’m totally new at this and like your idea on doing this with the Mistic Cigg’s. But I have a question. When I took it apart I noticed the middle of it has a plastic tube and a rubber ring… Do I just discard the both of them?? Or what do you suggest. I know it might be a dumb question but I just wanna make sure I do it right. As I’m more about the flavor too. Please answer as I just wanna make sure that I do it right.

  2. Found this page from a Google search and very glad I did. I found this exact stuff at the local PetSmart, and wow… just wow. I just got an eGo a week ago, and I’ve just been dripping onto the atomizer because the cartridges just didn’t work well with the regular poly fill. Now with this blue foam it works as well as if I was just dripping right into it… quite amazing! Just wanted to share another success story for other people who come across this article… this really does work wonders!

  3. where do i go to get more stuff for my mistic electronic cigg?

  4. Love the video but I have one small question, can you emphasise on the part with the tweezers, not sure exactly how you handled it. Do you put the foam through the tweezers or do you put it between the tweezers?

  5. Thanks for the demonstration. I’ve been using cartomizers since I started vaping and I’m barely getting a day of ‘good’ vaping out of them. It’s getting really expensive. When I ordered my first kit, I did order a few atomizers because I had no idea really what I was getting, or what the difference would be between cartomizers and atomizers. Now that I’ve been doing it for 6 months, I’m ready to graduate to something more sustainable than throwing away a cartomizer every day and a half. I just ordered the blue foam from linen n things, of all places. It was one of the first stores that came up in my search, ha ha. $7.18 for a pack of 3, and free shipping. I hope it’s a good deal! It seems that if I am willing to clean between uses, a 3 pack could last a pretty long time. Certainly more economical than the carts!

    Again, thanks so much for the video! Great job!

  6. This is awesome. I’ve been thinking about the blue foam because I seem to be blowing right through the material that comes with the cartridges. I was a little intimidated by all the mod talk seeming so complicated because I’m just getting started on this whole thing really (2 weeks now). But, you make it look super easy. Gonna go to Petco at lunch break.
    So, thanks from a noob!

  7. Thanks. I had doubt about making the blue foam work but see there are lots of different techniques and, despite all the tech talk, it would appear whatever fits will work…and you can tweak as you go, depending on your results. Thanks for taking the time to show an alternative method, too!


    • Its great isnt it? The foam doesnt give you that nasty plastic taste and it still lets the fluid flow nicely through it without restricting the flow and its way faster then trying to roll some polyfil together and pack it in there then trim it and all that other stuff you have you go through

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