Jul 262011

Smoke 51 electronic cigarettes were among the first brands to be well known in the United States. As one of the largest electronic cigarette brands they provide two primary models; the Smoke 51 Duo and the Smoke 51 Trio. These models come is several different Smoke 51 starter kits with different setups to them. We fully recommend the Smoke 51 Duo as we found it to be a great electronic cigarette model but we would not recommend the Smoke 51 trio as it was not up to par with our standards. Smoke 51 is offering Ecigsavings readers an exclusive Smoke 51 coupon code good for a hefty 30% discount on all of their electronic cigarette products! That Smoke 51 coupon code is great discount and since we found their prices to be a little higher than others this is a very good discount to have. Just click the picture to load the site with the Smoke 51 coupon code automatically inserted. In case the discounts are not applied at time of check out on the website the current available coupon code will be displayed in the box.

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Smoke 51 Coupon Code

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  1. Smoke51 as far as replacement of battery has been great. My local smoke shop exchange them every Thursday no problem. The cartridges on the otherhand only work ha lf the time, and not even close to the same as a pack of cigarettes. So be prepared to spend a lot more than they claim. On the up side I haven’t had a cigarette in 2 yrs.

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