Jul 262011

Smoke Frii Coupon CodeSmoke Frii electronic cigarettes are one of the newer brands and remain relatively quite dealing mostly in retail mall outlets. Smoke Frii offer a two part design and their starter kits come fully equiped with everything you need to get started. Although they have a decent product we found the prices to be a tad on the high end and informed them of such. Smoke Frii agreed to give our readers at Ecigsavings a exclusive Smoke Frii coupon code that can be used to get a additional 10% off of the products sold on their website. The Smoke Frii coupon code can be retrieved by clicking the picture below which will launch their site with the Smoke Frii coupon code automatically inserted. If you need to enter it manually it will be shown in the box after clicking on the picture.

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Smoke Frii Coupon Code

Just click the picture to the right to activate the coupon code and get 10% off most of your Smoke Free electronic cigarette products with this exclusive Smoke Frii Coupon Code. Clicking the picture will load their website and activate the promo code.
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