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Recent Smoke Stick News:

Smoke Stick Electronic Cigarette ReviewSmoke Stick electronic cigarette has been stirring up a ton of news lately. Smoke Stick also known officially as SmokeStik electronic cigarette has become the most popular electronic cigarette company on the market today and is even used by a ton of different celebrities on and been featured on several T.V shows. Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Rhys Ifans, Katherine Heigl, Lady Victoria, J-Woww, and Wendy Williams are a small few that have been associated with Smoke Stick whether in use or by having is on their show. Wendy Williams gave a Smoke Stick electronic cigarette to President Obama for his birthday and Katherine Heigl just recently on The Late Show with David Letterman used her Smoke Stick electronic cigarette and told the world why everyone should own one.

Smoke Stick electronic cigarette has been the only e-cig to make an appearance on the Today Show, Fox News, Wendy Williams Show, Star Magazine, and The Late Show. There is no doubt that the Smoke Stick e-cig is the most renowned electronic cigarette companies in America!

The most impressive thing about the Smoke Stick electronic cigarette is that it is manufactured right here in the United States rather then purchased from China distributors so they can ensure that they are being made with the highest quality of products. Almost all of the other electronic cigarette companies purchase theirs from overseas rebrand them and sell them in the states as their own. Smoke Stick electronic cigarette actually owns their own distribution center which is really unique and quite a selling point for myself and others.

Smoke Stick Electronic Cigarette Review

Smoke Stick Electronic Cigarette Review

We have yet to even start talking to about the actual electronic cigarette device and look at all of these benefits we have already covered!Smoke Stick Electronic Cigarette Review

  • Smoke Stick is one of the most popular electronic cigarette companies in America.
  • Smoke Stick electronic cigarette is so popular that tons of celebrities use this brand above all others
  • Smoke Stick has been featured on several TV shows including; The Wendy Williams Show, The Late Show with David Letterman, The Today Show, Fox News and many more.
  • Although unmentioned above Smoke Stick participates in many clinical studies in a effort to prove the effectiveness of the electronic cigarette
  • Smoke Stick owns their own distribution center and manufactures all of their own products which ensure they are safe and high quality products for everyone.

Smoke Stick Electronic Cigarette Review

Smoke Stick USA offers 6 electronic cigarette starter kits to choose from; The Smoke Stick Halligan E-Cig Starter Kit $99.95, The Smoke Stick Pitbull E-Cig Starter Kit $99.95, The Smoke Stick Hendu Elite E-Cig Starter Kit $99.95, The Smoke Stick Royale E-Cig Starter Kit $99.95,The Smoke Stick Jet E-Cig Starter Kit $99.95, The Smoke Stick Pink E-Cig Starter Kit $99.95, and The Smoke Stick Premium E-Cig Starter Kit $89.95.  (SEE BELOW FOR EXCLUSIVE SMOKE STICK DISCOUNT PROMO CODES)


All kits come equipped with:

  • 2 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Electronic Cigarette Batteries
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 3 Electronic Cigarette Cartomizers (1 high nicotine, 1 medium nicotine, and 1 menthol)
  • User Manual
  • 1 FREE Electronic Cigarette Carrying Case (normally $11.95)
  • 1 FREE Electronic Cigarette USB Car Charger (normally $19.95)Smoke Stick Electronic Cigarette Review

You may be wondering, “What is the difference between all of the Smoke Stick electronic cigarette starter kits?” The Smoke Stick electronic cigarette starter kits are essentially all the same and just have differences in the designs of what they look like. All the Smoke Stick kits produce an extreme amount of vapor and work flawlessly. So choosing the proper starter kit really is Smoke Stick Electronic Cigarette Reviewonly a matter of preference in design. We have never tried an electronic cigarette with such a great flavor and throat hit to it. The Smoke Stick electronic cigarette was fantastic in every aspect even the battery lasted way longer than the other models that we were using as our personal e-cigs.

Smoke Stick launched their newest model they offer not to long ago called the Halligan electronic cigarette. This electronic cigarette uses the same battery technology as the Pitbull Smoke Stick described below. The Halligan e-cig was named after the tool used by firefighters to bust down doors. A portion of the Halligan electronic cigarette proceeds goes to the “Feel Good Foundation” which is a charity dedicated to getting the First Responders the care they need.

Smoke Stick electronic cigarettes also launched a model prior to the Halligan called the PitBull electronic cigarette. This e-cig features a new battery which is a bit longer than the rest in size but outlasts the other e-cig batteries by almost double. This is a great addition to the SmokeStik line and is even the one that is used by Katherine Heigl. On top of the additional battery Smoke Stik is donating a percentage of the proceeds to Compassion Revolution with is a charity for overpopulation of pets supported by Katherine Heigl and the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation.Smoke Stick Flavors

NEW ~ Smoke Stick electronic cigarettes have came out of the shadows and now offer flavors other than tobacco and menthol! You can now enjoy your Smoke Stick with a tasteful cappuccino, cherry, strawberry, or vanilla flavor. The flavors are very well made and are great for those that prefer something other than the traditional tobacco or menthol taste.

In closing the Smoke Stick electronic cigarette has became one of our all time favorite e-cigs.  Their cost is very low considering all the things that Smoke Stick participates in and the quality of the product is top notch. Now that Smoke Stick offers alternate flavors there is nothing holding them back from stomping out the competition. Their product is so reliable and quality made that they are now one of the top electronic cigarette companies on this site!

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Smoke Stick Electronic Cigarette ReviewunratedEcigsavings2012-05-18 18:15:32Recent Smoke Stick News:

Katherine Heigl Smokes a Hendu Elite E-cig on ‘The Late Show’ with David Letterman

President Obama Gets Electronic …http://www.ecigsavings.com/terms-of-service/

Smoke Stick Electronic Cigarette ReviewRecent Smoke Stick News:

Katherine Heigl Smokes a Hendu Elite E-cig on ‘The Late Show’ with David Letterman

President Obama Gets Electronic …

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  1. I currently have an e cig called smoking stick. It is OK but I chose not to do further business with this company
    since they double charged me for an item I bought with my credit card. Naturally, I disputed the charge. I would
    like to know if your cartridges will fit my battery and if I can order them and perhaps batteries or atomizers when I
    need them. I have read many great things about your product and I would like to try them. Let me know asap.
    Thanks, helen goss

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