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Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarette ReviewTotally Wicked Electronic Cigarette Review is a decent electronic cigarette company to go with. They have so many electronic cigarette (E-Cig) products that it can be a bit difficult to navigate. Totally Wicked electronic cigarette is by far the largest inventory stocked company we have come across. This company has 6 different styles of  the electronic cigarette and their e-liquid has a ton of different selections to choose. Since this company has so many different electronic cigarettes we are going to focus on what we recommend and that is the Totally Wicked 510 TECC TITAN Electronic Cigarette.

Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarette Review

The Totally Wicked 510 TECC TITAN Electronic Cigarette or E-NIs (Electronic Nicotine Inhalators)  have a bunch of accessories that can be purchased for it however many are over priced even if they are necessary for the electronic cigarette to work. For instance the atomizer needs to be replaced about ever 4 to 6 weeks. You can purchase spare manual and automatic Totally Wicked TITAN electronic cigarette batteries these are available in economical 5 piece multi packs or purchased individually this will make the price about average. We recommend the manual electronic cigarette battery as it last much longer and you get better throat hits in our opinion since you can take much bigger hits. They stock TITAN electronic cigarette (E-Cig) atomizers in multi packs and as single units. Maybe you want to charge your electronic cigarette while on the move? If so how about a purchasing a PCC charger case? (PCC case is included in the starter kit that we recommend). Totally Wicked also has plenty for those that want a little customization in their lives with a huge assortment of colors and styles.

Do you work at a computer in the office or at home? If you do maybe get an electronic cigarette USB pass-through this is an electronic cigarette battery that has a USB cable attached allowing you to plug it in and vape it nonstop. Totally Wicked even has a 5 port electronic cigarette battery charger that allows you to charge 5 electronic cigarette batteries all at once!
Looking through all of these products that they offer can be quite confusing when trying to figure out just want you need to get started. Therefore below we have recommendations…
Recommended Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit:

TECC TITAN Black* (they have many colors) Full PCC Electronic Cigarette Kit – 69.99Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarette Review

Electronic Cigarette Kit consists of:
• 1 x Black Portable Cigarette Charger
• 1 x Black or White Titan Atomizer
• 1 x Black or White Titan Manual Battery
• 1 x USB Charger cable
• 1 x Mains Outlet USB Charger
• 1 x Car cigarette-lighter USB charger interface
• 5 x Cartridge: Tobacco High
• 3 x Cartridge: Tobacco Med, 1 x Low & 1 x Zero
• 1 x User manual

30ML (or any size really) Totally Wicked E-Liquid Bottle – 6.99 to 29.99

Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarette Review

Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarette E-Liquid is a decent liquid and is available in over 30 flavors and 6 strengths of nicotine however it comes with a hefty price tag and they says its “lab grade” nicotine which actually does not mean its fit for human consumption as not all lab grade nicotine is pure.  The Original Red Label Wicked juice come in 30ml fully CHIP and childproof bottles but it is now also available in 5ml and 10ml bottles. Totally Wicked’s Red Label original E-NI (electronic cigarette) e-liquid is available in over 30 different flavors ranging from the old favorites like Marlboro and Regular Tobacco to more exotic flavors such as Watermelon, Green Tea, Black tea, Rum, vanilla, strawberry and many more. Since Totally Wicked is unclear in regards to the purity of the nicotine that is used in the liquid we can not recommend it since for all we know it could be harmful and since it is not bound by US laws theres nothing we can do to find out.

Bottom line we think that Totally Wicked electronic cigarette is a bit overpriced and we are unsure in regards to their purity of the nicotine used therefore we recommend going with another brand such as FireBrand who also sells refillable electronic cigarettes just like Totally wicked ecigs and feel that do it at a better price. Check out the FireBrand electronic cigarette review here.

Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarette Review1.2857142857142858Ecigsavings2011-07-18 19:36:44Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarette Review is a decent electronic cigarette company to go with. They have so many electronic cigarette (E-Cig) produc…
Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarette ReviewTotally Wicked Electronic Cigarette Review is a decent electronic cigarette company to go with. They have so many electronic cigarette (E-Cig) produc…
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  1. Have the Totally Wicked tornado T, for 2 years. love it !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Still working, no problems, no leaking of cartridge. Try the tornado, strongest thing on the market.You will not find anything stronger.Only product that really feels like you’re smoking a real cigarette ! I dont know what all the complaints are about, its an awesome product and when i’ve called customer service, they’ve been very nice to me . Smoker of 30 years, and I have to say again I love the product and so many flavors and strengths to choose from. When reading reviews, always remember, not everyone follows the directions or how to use it properly, etc……. I however bought it, use it all the time,and im quite a satisfied customer……

  2. I am LOVING the TW products! A week ago, I got the Tornado Tank starter kit. I have been looking on line and wasn’t thrilled with other e-cigs that had the glowing tip at the bottom. Just this morning we returned to our dealership and both got the Tornado Mega eGo-C Kits. We are loving them too!!! Tons of vapor!

  3. the staff at the new sarasota fl store are the best. we had a problem and they where closed but the manager jesse white stop and back and unlock store so he could fix it for us…..

    thank you jesse

  4. RUBBISH…cant carry around in pocket for leakage, dont buy

  5. Just about the worst ecig company I have ever come across. Faulty goods and arrogant and beligerent customer support. They resort to arguing on the phone when there product is clearly faulty and within warranty… AVOID!!!!!

  6. i smoked 20 to 25 menthols a day but 8 weeks ago i bought the tornado tank and haven’t touched a ciggy yet !!!! i have tried many different e cigs but never got on with them my lovely (not) morning cough has gone i feel so much better don’t stink of smoke no more and of course saving a lot of money just wondering if it’s safe to use long term ??

  7. I’d just like to say after initial teething problems .I recieved much help from customer services and i am over the moon with my screwdriver mk2 and mega tank adapter system …hats off to you!

  8. Smoked two packs a day, and it was time to quit. Did a lot of homework before choosing an e-cig and decided on the dse-901 from totally wicked, and yes they have the best price on the net and i was very happy and bought extra atomizers, five pack for 19.00 last me two months, cleaning them doesn’t do it for me. Bought their e-liquid , haven’t smoked for three months. But i had an allergic reaction to their liquid and almost started smoking again, but decided to try awesome vapors e-liguid and now i am happy, mouth cleared up and am happy with e-liquid and now i save 300.00 by not smoking. E-cig and accs from totally wicked and liquid from awesome vapor! Thanks

  9. great reviews . now I just got to pick an e-cig , I was thinking bout going with Firebrand, or Volcano , but if I get one with refillable carts , can I just get the e’liquid from anywhere?

    • Yeah you can get whatever liquid you want but keep in mind many companies use good quality nicotine and some use garbage lab grade stuff.

  10. Hi, I use another brand of E-Cig, I use the SmokeStik Hendu Elite. The cartomizers are expensive, pretty much like a pack a cigs. I am interested in saving $$$ over the long term. Will this Nicotine liquid work with the SmokeStik line of E-cigs…please say yes.

  11. I have been reading for about two weeks and I am getting different ratings from all over. I had decided to get Eluma, which was HORRIBLE, then the blu, which wasnt much better, and now the wicked appears to be no good too. I really do not know which one to get but I am ready to start nooow !! I am tired of tobacco. I smoke a pack a day, Newport menthol 100’s and need something to compare so I will not go back ! I would like to use e-cigs to quit. Is there any recommendations out there. I do not want to get stuck and have to retreat back to tobacco . I am also planning to get the full kit, and want to smoke off it a long time before I have to buy anything else. Any suggestions out there ??? I would appreciate it. I’m tired of reading. I want to purchase !

    • Hi and thanks for coming to ecigsavings for your ecig needs. All the brands you chose are pretty bad except for Blu they are more average. To make this short and simple I say this boils down to one of two brands. Go with SmokeStik if you want to buy cartridges and don’t want to mess around with filling your own or go with Firebrand ecigs if you want to purchase liquid bottles and fill your own cartridges which is a bit cheaper in the long run. Both are great brands. It’s really just a matter of what style you want.

  12. Totally Wicked electronic cigarette is half way decent. Mainly I like the massive amount of flavors they have however I started using a different brand of e-liquid and noticed that when I stopped using totally wicked’s fluid a problem I have been having a long time (diarrhea) completely went away! There must be something odd about their fluid unless its just a qawincadence.

  13. Great flavors, First thing i noticed was the eliquid from Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarettes as they have a ton of flavors. However when I got my product the atomizer didnt work so I had to send mine back and wait for another to arrive which was about a week for it to go both ways. Then the one they sent lasted all of two weeks and stopped working too and had to go through all of it again…. Not really a reliable product.

  14. You have done it again! Incredible post. I love the totally wicked and am so glad I found your site to lead me to the right selection. My friend went with some other brand i forget the name and ended up getting charged WAY more than I did and his barely works lol. Thanks for your honest reviews I love how you tell the truth, all the other site I went to that had reviews just praised every company like they were all great and it was obvious that it was all just fluff. Your site is definantly unique. Thanks again!

    • Thanks for the comment we strive to write honest reviews of these electronic cigarettes. The internet is so full of crappy fluff that we wanted to build a site that was honest and straight forward. I am extremely excited that so many people are finding our site useful. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns!

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