Mar 142012

Vapor King Coupon CodeVapor King is an excellent electronic cigarette that we truly enjoyed during our testings. The Vapor King electronic cigarette has been around for a very long time and has set a industry standard for what a good electronic cigarette is. The vapor production of the Vapor King atomizers was some of the best vapor we have ever tasted. The etank system that the Vapor King ecig uses allowed for a fresh clean taste of the flavors they offer since no polyfil or other material was needed to hold the liquid pretty much eliminating that burnt taste that you can sometimes have with other electronic cigarette brands. Vapor King has decided to offer Ecigsavings readers an exclusive Vapor King coupon code that can be used to get a additional 10% off anything in the store. When you click the picture below the site will be opened with the coupon code automatically inserted however in case it does not automatically show on the completion page of their checkout process the current Vapor King coupon code will be shown in the box after you click this picture.

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Vapor King Coupon Code

Just click the picture to the right to activate the coupon code and get 10% off Vapor King electronic cigarette products for orders over 50$ with this exclusive Vapor King Coupon Code. Clicking the picture will load their website and if the prices are not automatically discounted just ENTER THE COUPON CODE ON THE CHECKOUT PAGE when it asks for one.
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