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worst electronic cigarettesBelow are the worst electronic cigarettes reviewed on Ecigsavings. We DO NOT recommend any of the electronic cigarette brands below. Again, you are advised NOT TO PURCHASE these electronic cigarettes as we did not like them for whatever reason we listed in the reviews. You will never find a false or inflated review on our site. We take pride in bringing you the best electronic cigarette reviews on the internet and hope that you will adhere to our warning on the worst electronic cigarettes below!

There are more electronic cigarette brands reviewed by Ecigsavings which can be found using the drop down menus above. List can frequently change if newer or better electronic cigarette companies come out.


Worst Electronic Cigarettes

LUCI Electronic Cigarette Review

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luci electronic cigaretteWe have decided to drop the LUCI electronic cigarette review as a promoted provider on our site due to lack of communication and poor customer service response. We noticed that LUCI redid their website design and altered many of their prices. We wanted to reach out to them to inquire about many of these new features and also to simply let them know of the many broken links we kept running into. We tried to email them 3 separate times and never got a response on anything and gave them over 2 weeks. During those 2 weeks we also tried calling them a ton of times only to sit on hold for over 30 minutes never actually getting anyone on the phone. We do not recommend going with LUCI as there are many electronic cigarette companies out there without these issues. Alternatively you can check out our top rated brand SmokeStik Electronic Cigarettes

LUCI Electronic Cigarette Review

There a few things that I enjoyed immensely from the LUCI electronic cigarette however there were several things we were not happy about. First thing I noticed when I took my first hit of the electronic cigarette was this electronic cigarette was incredibly smooth on the throat. Some of the other electronic cigarettes I have tried can have sort of a harsh throat feeling. It’s similar to if you normally smoke regular cigarettes and then smoke a menthol, you get that scratchy feeling in the back of you throat. The LUCI electronic cigarette is nothing like that.

The LUCI electronic cigarette cartridge was short lived however. We tried several of their electronic cigarette cartridges and each one was more disappointing than the one before it. On top of all that they refuse to respond to our numerous emails as we said above and cant ever get anyone on the phone. This shows that LUCI electronic cigarette more than likely has a horrible customer support and I honestly wish that things could have been different but what can I do if they wont even respond to the people who are promoting them?

LUCI has 4 different electronic cigarette starter kits that you can choose from: the Regular LUCI Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit $99.99, the LUCI Extended Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit $149.99, the LUCI Advanced Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit $199.99, and the LUCI Complete Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit $249.99.luci electronic cigarette starter kit

The regular LUCI Starter Kit cost currently $99.99 and comes with everything you need to get started. This package includes: 1 LUCI, 1 Extra Extended Battery, 1 electronic cigarette Home Charging Kit, 5 electronic cigarette Flavored Cartridges. The replacement cartridges from the electronic cigarette starter kit  will get you about 1-2 weeks worth of smoking (vaping).

LUCI Electronic Cigarette Company currently offers free shipping on all orders over $100. They also offer a lifetime warranty on the electronic cigarette atomizers, which is just unheard of as those are supposed to go out over time. However without being able to contact them to verify what is covered and get details on how the warrenty works how good can it be? Also included in every purchase is a free money back guarantee on their electronic cigarette products.

The LUCI electronic cigarette is ok to go with, however, we feel that the price of their electronic cigarette kits are rather high and just not that great. There are much better companies that give you more for your money and have a higher quality electronic cigarette like the Smoke Stick electronic cigarette or Firebrand electronic cigarette.


Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarette Review

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Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarette ReviewTotally Wicked Electronic Cigarette Review is a decent electronic cigarette company to go with. They have so many electronic cigarette (E-Cig) products that it can be a bit difficult to navigate. Totally Wicked electronic cigarette is by far the largest inventory stocked company we have come across. This company has 6 different styles of  the electronic cigarette and their e-liquid has a ton of different selections to choose. Since this company has so many different electronic cigarettes we are going to focus on what we recommend and that is the Totally Wicked 510 TECC TITAN Electronic Cigarette.

Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarette Review

The Totally Wicked 510 TECC TITAN Electronic Cigarette or E-NIs (Electronic Nicotine Inhalators)  have a bunch of accessories that can be purchased for it however many are over priced even if they are necessary for the electronic cigarette to work. For instance the atomizer needs to be replaced about ever 4 to 6 weeks. You can purchase spare manual and automatic Totally Wicked TITAN electronic cigarette batteries these are available in economical 5 piece multi packs or purchased individually this will make the price about average. We recommend the manual electronic cigarette battery as it last much longer and you get better throat hits in our opinion since you can take much bigger hits. They stock TITAN electronic cigarette (E-Cig) atomizers in multi packs and as single units. Maybe you want to charge your electronic cigarette while on the move? If so how about a purchasing a PCC charger case? (PCC case is included in the starter kit that we recommend). Totally Wicked also has plenty for those that want a little customization in their lives with a huge assortment of colors and styles.

Do you work at a computer in the office or at home? If you do maybe get an electronic cigarette USB pass-through this is an electronic cigarette battery that has a USB cable attached allowing you to plug it in and vape it nonstop. Totally Wicked even has a 5 port electronic cigarette battery charger that allows you to charge 5 electronic cigarette batteries all at once!
Looking through all of these products that they offer can be quite confusing when trying to figure out just want you need to get started. Therefore below we have recommendations…
Recommended Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit:

TECC TITAN Black* (they have many colors) Full PCC Electronic Cigarette Kit – 69.99Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarette Review

Electronic Cigarette Kit consists of:
• 1 x Black Portable Cigarette Charger
• 1 x Black or White Titan Atomizer
• 1 x Black or White Titan Manual Battery
• 1 x USB Charger cable
• 1 x Mains Outlet USB Charger
• 1 x Car cigarette-lighter USB charger interface
• 5 x Cartridge: Tobacco High
• 3 x Cartridge: Tobacco Med, 1 x Low & 1 x Zero
• 1 x User manual

30ML (or any size really) Totally Wicked E-Liquid Bottle – 6.99 to 29.99

Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarette Review

Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarette E-Liquid is a decent liquid and is available in over 30 flavors and 6 strengths of nicotine however it comes with a hefty price tag and they says its “lab grade” nicotine which actually does not mean its fit for human consumption as not all lab grade nicotine is pure.  The Original Red Label Wicked juice come in 30ml fully CHIP and childproof bottles but it is now also available in 5ml and 10ml bottles. Totally Wicked’s Red Label original E-NI (electronic cigarette) e-liquid is available in over 30 different flavors ranging from the old favorites like Marlboro and Regular Tobacco to more exotic flavors such as Watermelon, Green Tea, Black tea, Rum, vanilla, strawberry and many more. Since Totally Wicked is unclear in regards to the purity of the nicotine that is used in the liquid we can not recommend it since for all we know it could be harmful and since it is not bound by US laws theres nothing we can do to find out.

Bottom line we think that Totally Wicked electronic cigarette is a bit overpriced and we are unsure in regards to their purity of the nicotine used therefore we recommend going with another brand such as FireBrand who also sells refillable electronic cigarettes just like Totally wicked ecigs and feel that do it at a better price. Check out the FireBrand electronic cigarette review here.


Eluma Electronic Cigarettes Review

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eluma electronic cigarette reviewEluma™ electronic cigarettes offer a completely equipped electronic cigarette starter kits starting at $79.99 (at time of article being written) which include;

  • The Eluma “Epack” holds 4 cartridges & Charges on the go!
  • 2 Eluma Batteries
  • 1 Atomizer
  • 1 AC Adapter & 1 USB charger
  • 25 Cartridges in the flavor & nicotine strength of your choice.(Equivalent to 25 packs of cigarettes)
  • Free Shipping & 1 Year LIMITED Warranty

They also have an economy USB E-Cig pack for those that don’t want to invest a whole lot into a electronic cigarette just yet for $29.99 (at time of article being written).

That kit includes;

  • 1 Eluma Rechargeable E-Cigarette(Battery & Atomizer)
  • 1 USB charger (Add an AC Adapter for only $9.95!)
  • 10 Cartridges in the flavor & nicotine strength of your choice.(Equivalent to 10 packs of cigarettes)
  • Free Shipping & 1 Year LIMITED Warranty

There are 5 flavors of Eluma E-Cig cartridges; Death By Chocolate, Cherry Culmination and Vibrant Vanilla, as well as Traditional Tobacco and Cool Mint Menthol – for those that want to try all of the Eluma cartridge flavors, they also offer a variety pack that includes five cartridges of each flavor.

We at Ecigsavings have decided that we are not going to give our opinion on this product or their customer service and will leave it to the customers of Eluma Electronic Cigarettes.

Why we will NOT promote Eluma Electronic Cigarettes.

We will however state that we are no longer affiliated with Eluma Ecigs and will not be affiliated with them anymore. Eluma sent a cease and desist letter stating we were in violation of their affiliate terms of service.  Their affiliate TOS can be found here http://www.elumacigs.com/affiliate_terms_popup.php which we received  by email stating the TOS had changed on 3/24/2011 at 1:50pm EST.  After reviewing the new TOS we came across this part…

3.4 During the Term, you will not disparage Eluma, ElumaCigs.com or the Eluma product, or portray these in a derogatory or negative manner whether directly or indirectly. The content of your website will, at all times, be in good taste. You are solely responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of your website and will indemnify, defend and hold Eluma harmless from any claims arising out of or related to your website.

Last week I received a email in reference to the review comments made by Bianca Bricchi which can be seen in the comments section of this article. The email stated that they went through the customer records and found this client and that the claims made in the negative comment review were completely false and that their records showed all correspondense with that customer had been made through email and that the claims of phone calls not being answered and her having to wait for a call back were. in the email’s words, “ridiculous” because they have 24 hour support and the idea of a phone call not being answered and someone then returning a phone call is not within their policy… They then went on to say that they believed the comment was made by possibly a competing electronic cigarette company (that happened to somehow have their customer’s first and last name) and requested that I release the IP address of the person that made the comment and remove it from my site. I called their loss prevention number referenced at the bottom of the email, which went to voicemail, and left a voicemail stating that I did intend to look at the comments because she did make alot (which I removed all but the one) and wanted to see if it was several reviews using the stars in a effort to reduce their ratings on Ecigsavings (which is was not rather it was just restating the same thing in response to other comments that were made but did not have a rating with it). I went on to state that per the privacy policy on this site I would not be able to release any IP addresses to them unless I had the sole permissions from the person the commenter was claiming to be, in this case Bianca Bricchi. I repectfully requested a written statement from Bianca Bricchi or some sort of proof that this person was not Bianca Bricchi. I never got a call back.

On 3/24/2011 I got the email above regarding the change in the TOS. I then got another email at 3:59pm on the same day (2 hours and 9 minutes later) and this one was a Cease and Desist letter from Eluma stating I was in violation of the TOS and asked that I remove all negative comments regarding Eluma and replace it with positive content or remove the review entirely otherwise futher legal actions will be taken.

We have decided that due to these demands that we will remove all Eluma product photos and will no longer promote Eluma electronic cigarettes but leave this up for others to submit their own reviews. We sent them a email stating that we do not agree with the new affiliate TOS as we are a honest review site and will not censor any customer complaints against the company as that goes directly against everything we are about and refuse to falsify reviews which not to mention would violate several FTC regulations.

Commenting on this review will remain open and UNFILTERED for discussions on Eluma Ecigs.

The only TRUE non-bias 100% honest electronic cigarette review site.

The opinions contained in this site are those of the writer/site owner/or third party in regards to comments, and in no way, shape or form to be used to endorse any other products or to defame the company by any means. The company, product and service names used in this web site are for identification purposes only. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. i.e Eluma™

Any third party comments/reviews published on the site (whether edited or not) are third party information for which Ecigsavings a production of Mastatech LLC takes no responsibility and disclaims all liability, and the above disclaimer applies to any such third party comments.


Cigana Electronic Cigarette Review

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cigana electronic cigaretteThe Cigana electronic cigarette was relatively new company we heard about. I saw a few things about this company so I decided to give them a taste for this electronic cigarette review.

Cigana Electronic Cigarette Review

The Cigana electronic cigarette is following the new trend of the two part system so there is no fooling around with nicotine e-liquid or anything like that. The electronic cigarette atomizers are disposable so you get a new one with every cartridge you purchase which in turn keeps your vapor at its maximum.

If you want to get started with a portable electronic cigarette with Cigana it will run you $149.99 for the starter kit. The kit contains: 2 electronic cigarette batteries, 1 USB Charger, 1 wall adapter, 9 electronic cigarette cartridges with a new atomizer in each one and an instruction manual. This price is a bit high even if you take into account that every electronic cigarette cartridge you buy comes with a new atomizer the price is extremely higher than other competitors.

Another thing we were not fond of with the Cigana electronic cigarette was the price for their batteries. The battery replacement for the electronic cigarette was $49.99 which is VERY expensive! Most companies offer their batteries for as low as $15. We did not find anything special about the electronic cigarette batteries from Cigana. The battery life seemed to the be same as any other electronic cigarette we have tried. Another thing was the portable charging devices for their electronic cigarette was also another $49.99 and their site claims that it only charges the battery about 4 times. Most portable charging cases we have used give you tons of charges for your electronic cigarette battery before they run out of juice. There is also another portable charger on the site that claims it can charge cell phones and other portable devices including your electronic cigarette as well which ran $99.99 but did not say how many charges it would give and we were not about to purchase it to find out as the price is just way to high.

We found the Cigana electronic cigarette to be way to pricey for our liking and recommend checking out their competitors like the Smoke Stik electronic cigarette which uses the same two part design or try our best refillable e-cig the Firebrand electronic cigarette even though it works with a 3 part design it is still incredibly easy to use and all around one of our top companies.


Smoking Stick Electronic Cigarette Review

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smokestik-electronic-cigarette-logoDID YOU MEAN SMOKE STIK “Smoke Stick”?? Many people get these two companies confused. SmokeStik is currently working on the legal matters of Smoking Stick using the trademarks of their name and hopefully will succeed. Smoking Stick is rumored to be a scam which can be read more about below, however, SmokeStik is an excellent top 5 company and highly recommended by us and endorsed by many famous celebrities click here to read the SmokeStik review.


girl smoking electronic cigaretteLet me start this review by saying we DO NOT recommend Smoking Stick as your electronic cigarette provider. Through our testing we found their customer service to be practically nonexistent and not knowledgeable about their products. Smoking Stick’s electronic cigarette prices are also a quite high and given their customer service their e-cigs should be much less expensive than everyone else because it doesn’t seem that they have any staff to pay.

Before we ordered any electronic cigarettes we first reached out to the company in an effort to find out what they believe makes their electronic cigarettes stand out. When we first tried to contact them we did it via email and we actually got a response in just over a couple of hours. However, in the email we sent, we asked several different questions about their electronic cigarettes and the response we got was “Hi are you interested in our electronic cigarettes?”…

The first thought was just a simple wow is it that obvious. We decided to give them another chance as maybe they simply just didn’t understand our questions. We replied back and broke down the questions to their simplest form. We waited 72 business hours and never received a reply from Smoking Stick. We then sent another email asking why we never received a reply to our previous email and got an answer within less than an hour saying “I am sorry I have been really busy.” Smoking Stick could not answer these simple questions an example being if they make their own E-liquid that is used to fill their electronic cigarette cartridges and things like that.

We went to order their product and found that they have no selection for flavors what so ever. All they had to choose from were regular and menthol flavored electronic cigarette cartridges in 3 different strengths of nicotine, however, their menthol had no selection to the strength at all. You could only purchase the electronic cigarette cartridges in packs of 5 unless you are willing to sign up for their smoking stick electronic cigarette starter kitmonthly refill program which is $40 a month and you get only 25 cartridges. Which makes each cartridge about 2$ a piece almost double the cost of their competitors.

The electronic cigarettes work just like SmokeStik electronic cigarette and BLU electronic cigarettes. They are a 3 part design just the electronic cigarette battery, the atomizer, and the e-cig cartridge. Smoking Stick’s starter kits start at $79.99 and go up from there. The carrying case for their e-cigarette is actually the charger as well so you can charge it anywhere you bring the case.

In closing we highly recommend that you DO NOT purchase the Smoking Stick electronic cigarettes. Smoking Stick’s customer service just isn’t up to par with their prices and we do not see this company lasting very long. They have limited electronic cigarette selections and nothing about Smoking Stick really stands out or makes them worth the money. If you are looking into Smoking Stick we would recommend looking into SmokeStik electronic cigarettes instead. Just read some of the customer reviews below and there wont be any doubt that the other companies are the better way to go.

Recent complaints from our customers that purchased the Smoking Stick electronic cigarette even against  the recommendation of this website has forced us to disable all links to their site. Smoking Stick is scamming people with their free electronic cigarette offer and we do not condone such behavior!


Worst Electronic Cigarettes ReviewsunratedEcigsavings2011-04-13 13:11:10Below are the worst electronic cigarettes reviewed on Ecigsavings. We DO NOT recommend any of the electronic cigarette brands below. Again, you are ad…http://www.ecigsavings.com/terms-of-service/
Worst Electronic Cigarettes ReviewsBelow are the worst electronic cigarettes reviewed on Ecigsavings. We DO NOT recommend any of the electronic cigarette brands below. Again, you are ad…
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  42 Responses to “Worst Electronic Cigarettes Reviews”

  1. Try MISTICS at Walmart ! Mistics have recently changed owners and have run several promotions to get their product in the public eye after a few months’ hiatus during the transition. They’re a great buy and the flavor of the menthol is excellent (haven’t tried the regular).
    NOTE: This is tobacco flavor only vapes. Best for people who would like to stop smoking or lower their nicotine intake. ( 1.8mg to 1.2mg to zero tobacco content are the choices I think *. )
    There is a cartridge/battery version (the original) and a new disposable version. Personally, the disposable tastes more like an ultralight to me, not bad at all but I like a little more flavor. My sis, who actually smokes ultras, liked them very well. (and she’s been fighting this whole stop smoking thing even when I buy…lol)
    Their customer service is good and I have never had a battery overheat like I did with the Square brand.
    Interestingly, the V2 websites and (affiliate, I guess) blogs have really trash-talked Mistics, I’m thinkin they consider them their biggest competitor, because what I’ve read on their sites about the product itself (Mistics) is complete crap. I’ve been smoking them a year and really consider them the closest thing to smoking I’ve found without all the hassle and smell. Good luck to all 🙂

    • If you think Mistic is the best ecigs around you don’t know much about ecigs. They are a horrible company who’s products AND liquid in the carts are produced and supplied over in china where all kinds of metals and crap like to get mixed in. You need to try a real Ecig like WetFlame or Firebrand. Mistic is absolutely the bottom of the quality chain.

  2. You can include prosmoke as well. Prosmoke product is garbage and their policy of 30 days refund is just bite and switch they wil steal half of your paid money while offering pure garbage products. I got a 99$ kit from them and returned it as it didn’t work as advertised by them or smokenjoey here. They refunded me 45$… what a garbage company! Stay away from them if you are smart. If you don’t believe me write to me and I’ll provide all the evidences to support my statement

    • Prosmoke was a nightmare for me. I bought the most expensive kit, watched a video from one guy who ‘loved it’ ……shoulda known that one guy on youtube would give a rave review and no other reviews are there…..took me almost four months to get my money back after they took back their kits and did a diagnostics and what came back was laughable since I’d not used one of them…..and the carts were mostly dry to boot…..at the time Prosmoke was extremely expensive and that four months of trying to get my money back (the carts however were paid by me even tho they came with the kits) , they did another diagnostics and it came back EXACTLY THE SAME…..so I told them ‘I dont care if there is gold in the battery……send me my money back, I no longer trust you nor do I like your ethics and btw, the diagnostics you seem to do are via mechanical devices but had a real vaper tried it you’d KNOW why people want their money back’……what sells Prosmoke? The American Cancer Society emblem on their site. They are flying under that particular organization. I’ve found what works for me, all kosher and organic , no pg and will soon blend my own. This is one time I didn’t get what I paid for. I got ripped off and one was to be a gift…..so blew that too. Prosmoke should be shut down as far as I’m concerned.

    • Clean Cigs. Very disappointed. I ordered a battery from Magic Mist to replace the battery from CC and got a better battery that was twice the mah! Even tho automatic, I find no drain on the battery if I’ve left it out a while. I developed a fondness of their tobacco since they only offer two but their carto’s for other brand e cigs are bigger, better and hold more juice. I’ve refilled mine several times and then found out they are a 510 thread and used it on my ego so yay me. I’d say this would be perfect for the light smoker. Now I simply reuse any carto I have and save myself money. Next? Trying to make my own e juice. I like vanilla hands down……if you see a mushroom cloud near the OK/TX border simply turn on the fans LOL.

  3. update. I initially ordered the Prosmoke in August…early…and wanted it for my spouse’s bday, last of Sept..I didn’t get it, when I did it didn’t work…and I bought the house..so I sent it back and asked for a refund vs an exhchange. I didn’t use one atomizer….the other I tried , after three vapes? BURN taste and I said ‘nope’…I got back the RMA report which said ‘batteries working, liquid found in one atomizer, the other working at 99%’. Now if a person is not testing these and i do think they need testers of each batch..they’d know what many say and those comments btw are now being removed from their facebook site….the only way you could use it is to have a bottle of e juice on hand and drip some fresh juice into that cart and take a puff…and that would cost more than analogs. if computers and robotics are involved…then there is a glitch. I did note that a significant amount of my carts were dried up. it is now Oct..and I was just emailed that I had my refund….and no, the batteries do NOT last long. There is a generic battery that lasts longer than prosmoke and clean cig and thats the Magic Mist…the main problem? It sounds like rice crispies when you puff LOL…I’ve four ego tops, two c’s and one T. The C’s leaked like a soup sandwhich but my spouse loved the hit it gave him and I was given a tidy cart and that fixed it….now? NONE of the tops will work with the last two remaining ego batteries …????? I’m fixing to go look at Virgin Vapors and they have a KGO which I suspect is an ego or clone. The feed back is good and they do provide all VG.

  4. I’ve spent a bunch of money on prosmoke which was defective and was gifted a new ego c kit….it leaks like a sieve. I give up. I’m thinking of going back to an e cig I can refill if I can find one. I’m allergic to PG….I’ve NOT had good service with prosmoke and I still have two of the charger packs since I bought the ultimate kit , had to send the batteries back in as well as the atomizers so what I have now? Lets see, no contact from the company, two charger packs, two chargers, five carts but no e cig to use them will…argh. The ego C? leaked like water thru bread . THAT was a suprise to me. Add up what I spent on the ultimate kit from prosmoke and the full kit with two full e cigs , five tanks and five atomizers that will leak the minute you begin to puff…..and you can see how much money I’ve spent….and the fact I ordered prosmoke in august. Its now OCT. So, who knows? I can’t use the above because I’m allergic to pg and believe me….pg allergies are miserable!

    • Happy to report that prosmoke has contacted me and is sending me five new batteries , two new atomizers but would admit to only one being defective. Since I didn’t get to vape either…and they said the thing was ‘clogged’…me thinks this was minimized. I ran warm water thru, blew thru the atomizers noting one looked mashed and the other odd….and once more I did the warm water thing and blew it out, air was flowing nicely , sent them back and was told ‘faulty atomizer, one, the other clogged’….I think not but I’m glad that what I ordered in AUGUST is to be here sometime this month. And get rid of the danged tickets….you cant ever get a person on the phone so once they get here? I’m going on YouTube and put my three piece cig together just like they say (like I didn’t figure that out). That said. those who got kits that worked? LOVE them. Once I’m nic free? I’ll pass then down to my daughter. At least her kids will get a break. I will report how it works tho.

    • I tell you what. Blu cigs the premium 100 are not bad at all. I refill them with johnson creek and get tons of flavor and great taste. I won prosmoke starter kit and so far I like it. It feels more like a regular cigarette than the blu and lot easier to use plus batteries seem to last longer even though blu 100 batteries are bigger and 225 Mah where as prosmoke is 90 Mah I think

      • hey, thanks. So are you using all VG? Im’ thinking that vanilla vodka or vanilla extract which is in alcohol would thin glycerin so that our units would not gunk up. I’ve got four ego’s that are simply NOT working. Two are about two months old. But you said the magic word…REFILL..thats how we can find the real savings..I make soaps to include liquid soaps and if I add botanical extracts or other things I have to add a preservative…adding water to vg is an invitation for bacteria, mold and yeast to be directly inhaled..the alcohol and perhaps some vitamin e would help keep the blend fresh and the alcohol germ free..I’m sure I saw a vanilla vodka. I’m digging in my old carts,cleaning them out and adding the filler that came with prosmoke which is a chore but I’m not wasting e juice. I will say the flavor they had was wonderful. But if I can refill an e cig? You’ve got MY attention for sure. All I know is that my pain levels are down and totally manageable for the first time in a decade..smoking DOES factor in for poor circulation, Raynauds , diabetic neuropathy etc. I’ve more energy, stamina and NO COUGHING….I just want to save money and get my spouse healthy..every place that has a good sale I see ‘sold out’…ARG. Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

  5. I’ve been considering trying the starfire ecig. I want to try them because of all the great videos they post on youtube, and because they state that their cartomizers are all american made and they are VG not PG. Has anyone tried the starfire ecig? If so, are they worth the 60.00 dollar price tag for a kit? The cartos are 9.99 for a box of 5, that’s pretty good considering they range in price from 8.95-21.00 dollars per box depending on the brand. Any feed back on these would be greatly appreciated.

    • That’s a good battery and if the kit comes with two batteries with charger, cone (cartomizer cover) and some cartomizers then it is a decent deal. If the same kit is offered with Vision Clearomizers, you might want to consider that package as the clearomizers tend to outlast cartomizers with better flavor and they are easier to clean. Happy vaping!

    • I would not recommend them as they appear to be liars right off the bat. First off they claim they only use VG and nothing else— LIE! VG is far to thick to be used on its own. If they intend to use only VG then they would need to add water or alcohol to it to thin it out which makes it harsh and less flavorful. They claim their cartridges are american made… LIE! There are no factories in America make these whatsoever so if they are in fact making them in the USA I guarantee its not a clean lab environment. Additionally right on the main page of the site there is a video. Only a few seconds into the video he opens the pack and shows the cartomizers. Notice the green leaf stickers on the cartridges? Thats used by factories in China which begs the question if the carts are made overseas how are they filled with USA liquid here in the states? I would not trust them whatsoever. On the video he even says at the end that the cartridge FLUID is made in the USA not the cartridges themselves. But then that sneaky question of how they come sealed and stickered from the factory raises big questions for me.

      I trust in WetFlame personally. I know for a fact that they fill every cartridge as they are ordered. Which means the cartridges are not sitting on a shelf for 2 months until someone orders that flavor or strength. If someone order 3 packs of carts then those 3 packs of carts are filled on the spot and boxed and shipped. Their carts are also $9.99 if you order 10 or more packs which I usually do. You can even mix and match flavors for the discount. Far more superior product I am certain of it and I have tried MANY ecigs.

    • oh and their batteries are 150mah is appears so they barely last at all which is why they have to give you a charger pack that actually is known for damaging the batteries. WetFlame uses 280mah batteries which last alot longer.

      • well spit fuzzy Harold. I’ve spent my entire disability check on this stuff . But who else uses vg? I could order extra flavored with a reduction in vg in alcohol…water would draw bacteria like crazy. I’ll know tho. If they lied? I’ll be back in ER with really plump lips. dammit man. I really was trying to do my spouse a favor using a milder solution so the irritation would subside…and I also thought the whole point was to save money on cigs…this has cost me MORE. Well actually death would be more so I’ll say cost me the second most expensive thing I’ve purchased and I NEVER spend money. He couldn’t believe I bought them. They also state you can recharge their batteries thousands of times? did I read that right?

    • HAHA look at this picture on their facebook. Notice what they are doing? They are pulling huge boxes of cartomizers from a shipment…. They are made in USA? Pfft please! And look how many there are. I bet most of those sit on shelves for months before they are sold…


  6. Thanks for the replies to my comments Jeff. we can agree to disagree on the systems we like. Its all good my friend. Happy vaping no matter what system you choose.

  7. Ive been using totally wicked for a year now and have had very few complaints. Having been a 2 pack a day smoker for over 20 years this was a godsend. I didnt think I would ever be able to quit smoking. Tried green smoke and was junk. Worst customer service Ive ever encountered. I am currently down to 8mgs nicotine and would recommend the titan tornado to anyone who still wants the enjoyment of smoking without the smell, coughing up a lung in the morning and bad stigma that cigarette smokers have to deal with. smoke em if youve got em

  8. Clean Cigs out of Blanchard, Ok. These have got to be the worst , then again you get what you pay for. I do refill my own until a real kit comes that is apparently endorsed by the American Cancer Society. NO pg is in this brand . Its an allergen and why some have some issues with their mouth or throat and why some people cannot use cheap glycerin soaps. PG burns. Since I do make all of my own products that i use personally, this too will go in the ‘stuff I know about the ingredients’…I did purchase an expensive usb e cig and it didnt work. One of the top three brands. I’m being charged 15 percent to restock a non working product. The people in china however were more than happy to cancel and refund my money due to family crisis. So c’mon American distributors. Customer service is everything. VG is know for its vapor and I buy a kosher blend. Know what you smoke. And I’m so thankful for those who share how to cut costs even more by using things that are so much cheaper. Now, to find blank cartridges…a nice link posted to that would be great hint hint. Good info!

    • Selkiepeople. The reason PG is used is not because it’s cheaper in fact ussually they are the exact same price. While VG can produce more vapor PG actually has more throat hit and flavor. Additionally VG is incredibly thick and pure VG liquid 90% of the time is not pure VG because it would clog the atomizer from beig so thick. Generally water or alchohol is used to cut VG of making a pure VG liquid which also can destroy your atomizer at a much fast rate. Most blends use a mix of PG and VG for optimal vaping experience.

      • Chris, since alcohol cant be around the house…how much sterile water do you think it would take to think the glycerin? I had no problem with the T and an all vg base. Two VG bases are sold at ECBLends and I would think they’d blend them so they would work in the e cig….but pg and my mouth? um…..I’m still using the pink liquid numbing stuff to cure my mouth….and it is gross.

        • If you are allergic to PG that is completely understandable. I just don’t like hearing people say VG is better and that companies who use PG are merely cutting costs cause that is not the case at all. They both have their own pros and cons. I have worked with pure VG many times and know for a fact it’s to thick to use on its own. Generally you would need to cut it with 10-20% water or alchohol in order to dilute it. If you have gotten more thin VG in the past then they already diluted it for you.

      • thanks. if I dilute with alcohol, what would be a good dilution rate and is there an alcohol after taste? Its legal to get ever clear here but vodka might be more tasteless. But pg kills my mouth . You dont want to drink that nasty pink stuff because of it but it did help me in my other biz…I refuse to use anything but all natural bases in soaps..someone sent me a clear glycerin bar as a gift and lit me on fire….I looked at the package and sure nuff….pg. so some can have it and some cannot. Thanks. You’re a great person to answer so kindly.

        • Unfortunently I have never worked with alcohol myself so I don’t really have any direction I can provide you. All eliquid mixes I have ever made contained PG so I never needed to use water or alcohol.

          • ah, I just did some searching and found some Absolut Vodka…and in many of the flavors we use in e liquids! They’ve got a vanilla one! I also looked at the properties of vanilla extract..seems it has some antioxidant value too. So if you have a fave flavor and need to thin down your VG…I’d go with the flavored vodka . I’m going to try both..I do love my vanilla and the benefits would be that alcohol would keep your blend safer. Just do not mix a bunch at a time. Blending is something I do have experience with in other areas . I do agree that thinning need be done. Why people who sell all vg blends dont do it is beyond my knowledge at this point but I have contacted a few places to see. And I am not anti PG…I simply am allergic to it. Now that we know where to get matching flavors to thin our VG juice I’d be very interested in seeing how every one fairs. I want to keep my units as long as possible. Why my batteries seem to show charge and none of the tops work with them to include the clearomizer beats me…they are not that old. I will however order a larger mah in the future . That said, anybody know of an express kit that comes in a cigarette type box to keep an e cig charged so my spouse can take it to work?

            Again, I didn’t mean to offend or make a blanket statement about PG. That was simply my experience. My daughter was allergic to peanuts in any form…even peanut oil..so we had to read labels and she had to learn to read labels before she ever began school..she really had a time with many things. So I can eat any nut, she could not eat any at all. I hope that straightens my comment out. I do see where you were coming from.

  9. I had been using Smokeless Delite and was so frustrated with them not working. Faulty batteries and cartridges. Terrible customer service. Their customer service used to be much better. NO MORE!
    I am so happy now. I’ve found a great company. I have gone to the Vea electronic cigarette and Johnson Creek Smoke Juice. SOOOOO much better and excellent customer service. No more wasting money on inferior products.

  10. I tried eluma about 3 years ago and found there was not much vapor from the cartridges nor did they last for very long. I went back to regular cigarettes.Then I tried liberty stick about a year later(purchased from my local tobacco shop), and they were awful as well. Well, I refused to completely give up on e-cigs, I just knew somewhere some awesome e-cig company would surely have a quality product to help me kick the habit of real cigs. Then, while trolling youtube.com, I saw the many reviews of Green Smoke. Ordered my express kit for 89.00 and extra cartomizers and have been hooked for 3 months now without any real cigs since the first day I got my Green Smoke kit. I do have to say that I did also purchase a Mistic e-cig(Mistic with an “I”, not to be confused with Mystic with a “Y” lol) and they are pretty good considering I bought it at my local Walmart.

  11. I have been using Totally Wicked for about 2 years and have never had one single problem with them or any of there products and have also recomended them to other people who also have never had a problem, so I was suprised to see them under the worst e-cigs, my only problem with them is that there liquids are over priced, I smoke a tornado it works great for me, have i got lucky or am I missing out on other products which are better?

    • same here johnathan. a little more expensive but you get what you pay for. In my opinion Totally Wicked Tornado is tops. Ive tried the rest.

      • Why go with Totally Wicked and their overpriced goods and shabby customer service when the juice from Halo is the exact same? As far as batteries go, there are plenty of cheaper options (Cignot) which don’t tend to send you dead batteries. To each his own but if you are new, don’t run to the flashy websites like Totally Wicked as they pass the cost of their flashiness to the customer.

        • Personal choice is why i use totally wicked as you have your choice. as for shabby customer service, I just visited totally wickeds new store in Port Charlotte Florida with an atomiser that didnt work as well as i thought it should. they gave me a new one with no questions asked. Ive never had a dead battery sent to me. They do recharge so I dont see that being a major problem.

          • I’m glad you have had a good experience with them. 99% of e smokers don’t have a Totally Wicked location to go to other than the internet. My experience as that of many associates I know were not good like yours when it came to TW. After spending minimal time searching for new vendors we have found much better and affordable options.

          • I have to side with Jeff on this one. I had horrible experiences with Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarettes. TW titan was the first Ecig I owned. I used to order supplies in bulk like atomizers. I would order 10 at a time and spent TONS of money with them. When I had bad atomizer they always told me I was out of luck cause they only replace them within 7 days… Well I am not going to use all 10 atomizers within the first 7 days of getting them. It got do bad that I started getting more defective product than actual working products. After months of bs I finally switched to WetFlame and although they don’t yet carry ego style ecigs their current models perform better than many of the more powerful ego and CE4 models I have tried which is pretty awesome.

  12. I have to say that, with all the maintenance of the Totally Wicked Cigs and the very poor customer service (I have left a message for over a week for a specific member of staff to contact us regarding the warranty and still haven’t heard back from them yet). I am not sure about the other e-cigs, however this product is a proprietary product which seems to have endless turnover replacements of its parts. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

  13. I have been using them and they aren’t bad at all, but I am curious to see what you guys think about them.

  14. Can you guys check out Smokeless Selects?

  15. The worst company I have dealt with is Blu Cigs. It was fine at first and then they changed their e-juice supplier without notice to customer as to the taste change. Customer service is a joke.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I also find Totally Wicked to be out of stock of a lot of items and the items they do have tend to be inferior to other companies products.

    • I agree…Blu Cigs are expensive and it’s like smoking a battery. Will definitely be trying another brand.

  16. wow great to see a review site that is upfront and honest with their opinions and experiences. I wish there were more sites out like this one for sure

    • yep and without censorship. I did get my validation from prosmoke…..the atomizers were not working. They got very hot (darn, I should have burned my lip and sued and retired)…they said that one of the atomziers was clogged. Um, how can you clog an atomizer that didn’t vape? As soon as I felt that heat on the atomzer I immediately contacted the company…I ordered for my dh’s bday on Sep 28 back in august..dunno about you guys but this whole ‘ticket’ thing is a pita. I got into trouble with starting too many tickets…..heck I didn’t know what they were talking about and I order from major suppliers all of the time. NO TICKETS….JUST CONTACT US….right?

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